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Transparency & Sustainability

Hilo gives scientific support for the implementation of biodynamic agriculture methods.

Transparency Report

This is the first Hilo transparency report. It is a very short version of what it will be in the future. We hope to give you a short overview of the aspects, which we think are important in the context of transparency for you. Our system is built on trust, given by you to us as a supporter of our Hilo system. Our goal is to show you how we contribute to make a difference by compensating the coffee producers and how much we invest in the support of social projects in the rural community.

The price for coffee in 2019 has been very low in the market. The producers work hard but can hardly survive with the current market price. We want to create a system where they are an integral entity of the value chain. With this report, we want to show you how we, Hilo, make this happen. The numbers below show that we mean what we say.  But beyond that, we believe that money is not the only answer to solving the problem. So we need an alternative system. 

Surely you want to know just exactly where the money goes? This report aims to show you just that. We want to share our cost structure and provide you with insight on what happens to the money. We would like to give you a few key figures to show how we invest in better education for the Jardín community.  

Download Report as PDF

Hilo´s Cost Structure

With this overview we would like to show how our current B2C webshop sales price per kg (as of Sep 2020) is calculated.  It is important for us that we give a large part of our turnover to the coffee farmers and the local social projects. We also want to pay fair wages to our team. Furthermore, all costs are listed, which are incurred from the Giraldo family’s finca to the delivery of the roasted coffee to our supporters.

price calculation

More information?

We are learning by doing. If you have questions we are very happy to answer.

Martin Rojas

Founder & MSc. in Sustainable Development

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