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Hilo, Fresh Coffee News 2020

Hilo began 2020 full of positive energy.After talking to many experienced people within the coffee business, we crunched our business plan numbers, worked on our roadmap for this year, and…

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What a year for Hilo!

Hola!This year marked a great start for Hilo, and you are receiving this email because you were directly responsible for our success so far. We want to share a retrospective…

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Social Project “Jardín un Municipio Lector”

Jardin un Municipio Lector | The educational project supported by HiloBy Patricia Arroyave (translated by Martín Rojas Arboleda) Why is an educational project supporting a transformation important? The project “Jardín…

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Interview with Giraldo coffee family

Last October, our dear friend Andrea Bedoya, a design researcher with a special interest in sustainable food systems who collaborates with the Hilo network, visited Colombia. We thought it would…

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