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Meet our Team

Thomas Marufke

I came together with the Hilo team to fundamentally change the coffee trading system. Join the weave!

Martin Rojas

I made it a career decision to strive for sustainability, and Hilo is a large experiment to systemically foster wild-life by first accepting the complexity behind it.
Andrés Giraldo

Andrés Giraldo

I am Andrés and I live and work in Jardín my entire life. I want that my family can have a dignified life from coffee farming.

Barbara Nino Ortiz

I´m Bárbara Niño a Colombian Art Director & illustrator based in Leipzig, Germany. I focus my work on creating effective communication thanks to the construction of clear messages.
Patricia Arroyave

Patricia Arroyave

I like to work with Hilo´s reading program and through it I want to increase the reading level of the community.

Julia Kostin

I am a sustainability advocate, environmentalist and researcher who is passionate about supporting sustainability processes in new and innovative ways.

Tiago Volpato

I am a designer from Brazil, interested in the design process and the many different outcomes it can have. I am excited about collaborating on different projects in which I truly believe.
Robinson Giraldo

Robinson Giraldo

I really like to work on my coffee farm and for me it is very important to only sell best quality coffee.

Melissa Bejjani

I am passionate to make a change. A change in consumption. A change in responsibilty, for the environment, for the future, and for one another.
Marta Rojas

Marta Rojas

I am taking care of all the organizational topics within the coffee region.

Rodolfo Dutra

I enjoy to code while listening to music and I love to look at clouds while playing guitar.
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