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The coffee is smooth and round. It contains little acid and is not too bitter. I like it.

— Nghia Lam, Head of Finance from Hamburg

Maagard´s Coffee

“Fair working conditions during production and excellent art of roasting – two good reasons for Hilo. The coffee tastes just great to us!”

— Andrea and Friedemann Magaard

“Delicious coffee from community supported agriculture – thanks to Hilo, that is not an “Hilosion” anymore.”

— Charlotte Krone and Family


“Hilo is a trustworthy project, because through the direct connection with the Giraldo family, it gives the product a face. Hilo coffee fits the increasingly reflective consumer behavior from many people, who look for great quality and honesty. I am convinced that this concept is sustainable for the future.”

— Steffen, Designer from Leipzig

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